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Are you interested in Japanese culture?

Let's enjoy this dynamic and delicate calligraphy with an experienced Japanese teacher!


About Calligraphy and Courses

Japan has lots of great culture such as judo, sado(tea-ceremony), and shodo(calligraphy). Do (道) means the way. Shodo (書道) is a way that leads to life's meaning and eternal truth with "artistic hand writing or beautiful writing."

Japanese calligraphy is one of the most spiritual and powerful forms of art.

Each letter reflects a person’s mind, vision, thoughts and energy. Every line, dot and even the empty spaces are meaningful with their balance, size and the amount of ink used.

It is important to purify your mind and soul in order to express each word's power with its character.

Let’s enjoy this dynamic and delicate calligraphy with the unique movement of brush, rhythm and our energy!!


Lessons / Courses


6-time courses

(€95 including all materials)


Beginner : Level 1 

Planning to restart on Monday evenings after the lockdown in Hagukumi Aikido Dojo, Mient 277.

Online lessons 

-5 Mardch-23 April (7 times)

(There is no lesson on 2 April.)

-Every Friday 11:00-12:00 in Zoom


Trial or normal lessons 

  • 1-time trial - €20

  • 5-time coupon tickets - €87,5

  • Weekly lessons - €15×6~ (€90~)

•Every Monday 19:00-20:00

at Hagukumi Aikido Dojo (Mient 277)

•Every Friday 10:00-11:00
at The Hungry Mind (Wijndaelerweg 9a)

Custom-made Presents

Let's give Japanese calligraphy as a memorable present.

Japanese calligraphy will make an excellent birthday card, get-well-soon card, certificate or New Year's greetings. I can also help you with making a logo for your company, tatoo, etc.

Special Workshops /

Private Lessons

Let's celebrate your special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with Japanese calligraphy!

You can arrange your calligraphy workshops with origami and sumie-paintings too.

​Workshop plan and price : negotiable

Private calligraphy lessons : €30

(Online lesson is also possible)



Do you want to learn Japanese language? Then let's start it with me.

I'm a teacher with more than twenty years of experience.


  • 45-minute: €22,50

  • 60-minute: €30          

(Online lesson is possible too)

Read What Others Are Saying About Our Courses

“Maki is a proper Sensei! Professional, passionate to share her knowledge and very patient.”


Carmen, The Netherlands

Are you interested in a teacher?

More About the Teacher

Hello. My name is Maki.

I'm Japanese and I've taught Japanese culture and languages for more than 20 years.

Japanese calligraphy is one of the most spiritual and powerful forms of art.

I hope you'll find your hidden thoughts and passion through calligraphy, and improve your concentration and mental strength with me!



For further information and in order to register,

Contact at makicalligraphy@gmail.com


Tel: 0613809205

Place of lessons: The Hague, the Netherlands

(In other regions, it might cost extra transportation fees.)

KvK 67141927

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